Lviv Stag Do

Lviv Stag do is your one stop shop for all things related to stag do’s in Lviv. Lviv is the up and coming stag do destination in Europe and will no doubt become one of the leading cities for stags to visit.

Many people have not even heard of the place but with Ryanair starting to fly there from November 2017 from cities such as Berlin, London, Budapest and Krakow its going to soon be on the stag map!

What does Lviv have to offer? Lviv like many other stag cities offers your day to day activities such as go-kart racing, paintball, strippers and your other standard activities but it does not stop there. Lviv offers an amazing chain of 30 restaurants that are all unique and individual, from being served by midgets to bartering for your dinner in a Jewish restaurant you are sure to not be disappointed or bored in this wonderful city.

Lvis is a relatively new untouched destination meaning it still has its charm and wonder, however the stag scene is on the rise and with rock bottom alcohol prices with beer selling for as little as £0.80 you are sure to have a great time.

Not only is beer extremely cheap and the levels of potential fun extremely high but the girls are some of the prettiest in the world.

With Lviv being so new you will need advice when it comes to organising a stag do, this is where we come in as can create and tailor your days to fit your needs. Whether that is a chilled out stag do or a crazy stag do full of fun we are here to help.

Each stag do will as stated be tailor made, we do however insist that each evening you will take one of our female guides on your night out. She will make sure you are not paying over the odds, hunt down your free drinks and no doubt entertain you on your evenings out.

For more information on creating your stag do please send an email to

The Lviv Stag Do team.